Flashlight Backpack 3.0 for Leatherman ARC
Flashlight Backpack 3.0 for Leatherman ARC
Flashlight Backpack 3.0 for Leatherman ARC

Flashlight Backpack 3.0 for Leatherman ARC

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Compatible wit the ARC holsters (Only when installed on the blade side)

July 10th 2024 Update: Flashy 3.0 is shipping. This major update can keep the LEDs active without holding the button down. We have also integrated a new custom UI and 7 Flashlight Modes to select from.

Add a Burst of Light to Your Leatherman ARC.

This super slim flashlight backpack (4mm Height) can provide up to a sustained 5 Hours at maximum brightness.

90 Degree Horizontal Spill: Perfect for checking a bag, checking a fuse, inserting keys into a lock or any task where you need some discreet, close up illumination. 

3M Backed Water Resistant Membrane Overlay: The membrane covers the gold plated button pads. The buttons are flush and the activation force is a hard press so it won't accidentally light up in your sheath or pocket. Let the membrane adhesive cure for 24 hours before subjecting flashy to damp environments. See: Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.

Front facing LED:  The front LED allows you to hold your ARC like a flashlight, with the tool open Flashy illuminates the pliers area. Hold your arc upside down for walking path illumination (gets you more ground coverage due to the large pivot screw on the arc blocking some light).

Rear facing LED: Illuminate the ground without removing the ARC from your belt. Due to occlusion, the LEDs do not directly illuminate the folding tools of the ARC.

Above: The LED will not directly light up the folding tools unless there is a nearby surface to reflect light.

Below: the "rear" LED can illuminate the ground while attached to your hip.

Batteries Included: 2 High Discharge Silver Oxide Cells Included. (Replace with Energizer 377/376 Multi Drain)

If you have trouble getting the batteries out, fully remove the screws from Flashy and use the small opening to insert your ARCs precision driver to assist in battery extraction.

The batteries directly contact the surface of your ARC to complete the series circuit: in our tests the battery cans are the softer material so it should not scuff up your tool. Long term testing has not been done.

Screws Included: T6 / 1.5mm Hex mounting screws included.

Installation Video:


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brent Hardcastle

Great product!

Evan K
Awesome Gadget

I knew I needed to put something where the pocket clip was, afterall who needs a pocket clip when you have a Zapwizard holster. This flashlight backpack is perfect. It looks cool and functions, well enough. I'll preface this by saying it is by no means a deal breaker for me- this little light has nearly replaced my EDC pocket clip flashlight. But, my only complaint is it does not engage 100% unless I roll my finger deep into it or dampen my finger. I have dry, rough hands from working so, between that and perhaps the slightly raised screws I sometimes have trouble getting the light to come on. That all said, I love it and the functionality it brings to my ARC and I would recommend it to anyone with a capatable Leatherman.

Rob Seelye

Great piece. Excellent service.


Worth every penny

Andy Docwra
Neat and compact

Everything you need is in the kit, including spare screws and button covers. Nice and bright too