Design Portfolio

Product Design:

  • NetStreams TP100 Touch Panel In-Wall Smart Amplifier
    • Red Dot Award winner
    • The first home automation device on the market to feature capacitive touch controls as well as an OLED display behind glass.
    • Magnetically attached floating glass panel using thin safety glass.
    • Panel insert that allows for infinite customization options.
    • Passive laminar airflow design allowed the 50W audio amplifier to be cooled without a fan.
    • Installs into a into regular 2-gang wall outlet box.
  • NetStreams, 4.3" and 7" Touchpanels.
    • The first in-wall touch panel brought to market that was the same thickness as a regular wall outet.
    • Modular PCB design that allowed for both sizes of product to share the same PCB layout.
    • Retrofit wall mount allowed for simple cut and install wiring.
    • Magnetically attached bezels without visible screws, that also allowed for customized colors.
  • NetStream ViewLinX Streaming Video Decoder.
    • Patented pass-through VESA mount.
    • One of the first 1080p capable streaming video decoders.
    • Ultra compact all metal construction.
    • PCB design with both in-wall and outside wall connector design.
    • Wrap-around label design saved cost by allowing a single label to replace three silkscreen operations.

Game Design:

  • Game Worlds and Maps
  • Real world locations brought into a game.
  • Cinematic scenes
  • In-Game scripting

PC and Product Modification:

  • The Real Wood iPod
  • Radioactive Ammos PC
  • Radioshack PC
  • ATI PC

CAD Design:

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • PCB Design


  • Real Time Architectural Visualization