Order Terms and Conditions

I cannot customize, alter or process any returns after your order has been placed. All sales are final.

Orders fulfilled by Shapeways:

Shapeways is a on-demand part manufacturer. They handle the part production and drop ship the item to you to the address you enter. ZapWizard is the part designer, and I receive a fixed portion of the total order. 

You will receive a confirmation of the order, and a notification upon shipment. If you need more details on the state of an item please send me a message with the order number.

Metal items can take 2 to 3 weeks to produce. Plastic items take 1 to 2 weeks.

All items in the US are shipped using UPS Mail Innovations. If you require faster shipping or international shipping: Please order directly from the Shapeways.com marketplace.

Shipping costs and any other related fees related to Shapeways are controlled by Shapeways.com. Shipping time and costs

Parts have a 10-day warranty for manufacturing defects. Please see this page if there is an issue with your part. 

Orders fulfilled by Printify:

See Printify's policy here


Pre-orders are offered for items in the final design or prototype phases. These items may have a separate shipping cost and are fulfilled by ZapWizard.com

Pre-orders may be refunded prior to the date in which the bulk order is placed by ZapWizard.com.