Custom Installation Service

Custom Installation Service

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Add this item to your cart if you want me to install one or more modifications into your multitool. 

I am not a reseller for Leatherman multitools, so you will need to purchase your tool separately and ship it to me for modification. If you haven't purchased your multitool yet, please use one of my Amazon affiliate links located here.

Modification of your tool will void the manufacturers warranty. The purchaser will assume all responsibility for the modified tool and related warranty issues. Please check or your tool for any warranty issues prior to sending me your tool. I assume no responsibility for damaged multitools, and no warranty is given with this service.

This service is offered only for US customers that can send and receive USPS flat rate packages.

What is included:

  • Installation of the items you purchase from myself.
    • $20 fee included
  • Any post processing required, such as tapping, drilling, or filing.
  • Magnets, screws or other small hardware required
  • Shipping of the multitool to myself using a USPS small flat rate box.
    • $8.45 cost included
  • Shipping of the modified tool back to the purchaser also using a USPS small flat rate box. (Shopify will charge for this portion for this at checkout)

What is NOT included:

  • The multitool itself.
  • Shapeways shipping costs
    • Sorry I don't save on shipping from Shapeways to myself

How it works:

  • Add this item to your order, along with any modifications you wish for me to install.
  • When you add this item to your cart, you will see a second shipping cost listed. This is the cost to ship the modified item to you.
  • I will have the modifications shipped directly to myself instead of you address.
    • Note: That metal parts produced by Shapeways can take up to a month to arrive. I will keep you informed at the various part production stages.
  • I will generate a return label which you will use to send the multitool to me.
    • You will need to package it in a USPS small flat rate box.
    • These are available at any USPS post office or online.
  • You ship the item to me using the shipping method above.
    • I will message you when I receive the multitool.
  • I will install the mods into your tool and ship it back to you using the same USPS small flat rate box. 
  • I will include and of your original parts in the package so you can re-assemble the tool back to stock if you ever need.