Holster for the Leatherman Garage

Holster for the Leatherman Garage #005

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Belt Option

Note: The description below changes based on the selected options.

Note the design has been updated to match the ARC, but the renderings are not yet updated. Changes: New ratchet holder, longer central grip.


Open Clip: 

    • This variant is no longer avaiable.
    • Recommended for light duty use only. Select a closed loop for strength.
    • 48x5mm (1.9x0.2in) open belt clip.
    • Allows for holster to be clips on without taking off belt.
    • Fits regular, and Air Force DLATS Belts (BDU) style belts.
    • Four bit holders on the back

    BDU Loop

    • 48x5mm (1.9x0.2in) closed belt loop.
    • Closed loop is stronger than open clip.
    • Fits regular, and Air Force DLATS Belts (BDU) style belts.
    • Also attaches to PALS webbing. MOLLE Compatible.
    • Features keyhole for hanging on a hook/nail.
    • 7 Bit holders on the back

    Duty Loop

    • 58x7mm (2.28x0.27in) closed belt loop.
    • Fits large, and Duty style belts.
    • Also attaches to PALS webbing. MOLLE Compatible.
    • Features keyhole for hanging on a hook/nail.

    Horizontal Carry Loop

    • 48x5mm (1.9x0.2in) closed horizontal belt loop
    • Left or right hand carry
    • Fits regular, and Air Force DLATS Belts (BDU) style belts

      Third Party Clip Compatible:

      • This is the No Belt, Maximum Bit Holders variant
      • Does not fit any belts, and is meant for use with a tool bag

      Side Grips option:

      • Holder for the Leatherman Ratchet or Bit Extender on the side
      • Other side holds up to 4 extra bits, or 2 bits + the 711L ratchet wrench
      • Fit will be tight at first, but wear in quickly with use
      • Accessories not included

        Slim, no side grips option:

        • No side grips or side bit holders
        • Slimmer overall profile


        • Ultra slim and light design.
        • Multiple attachment styles available.
        • The tool is is held in place using the two spring-loaded release tabs built into the multitool.
        • The whole face of the tool exposed for a unique and stylish look.
        • A channel down the center allows you to remove the tool using just one hand.
        Design details:

        The tool was recreated using professional CAD software. No detail was spared. The holster was then designed to form fit around the tool. This design is an expansion of my proven FREE series holsters with improvements to every aspect of the design.

        Many physical prototypes were made testing each aspect of the design.

        Regarding the Pocket Clip:

        Unfortunately, the holster is not compatible with the pocket clip.

        To remove the pocket clip from the Leatherman Garage #5 you need a Torx T6 driver. If you want: can then fill in the holes left behind by using two tiny #2-56 x 1/16"L Set Screws

        What am I getting / not getting?:


        ● One (1x) 3D printed belt holster made from Nylon 12

        Not included:

         Tool, thumb-tabs, bit extender or other accessories.

        ● Accessories are shown in the images only as example use case only


        ● Metal Clip or Tek-Lok products

        ● Chicago Screws

        Other colors

        Some other colors such as Pink, Purple, or Yellow can be made available. Due to Shopify limitations, not all colors were listed. Message me before ordering if you want one of these.

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        About the material:
        Made from flexible yet strong Nylon 12 plastic. The part is created using 3D printed laser sintered plastic. The result is a solid plastic component that is durable and long-lasting.

        Like all nylon materials the part can absorb moisture. Care should be taken to prevent prolonged exposure to liquids. Dry the part as soon as possible to prevent warping.

        Custom Colors:
        If you want a color not available above: You can dye the parts using any colored permanent marker. Simply order the thumb tabs in white, and color them yourself. The surface is slightly porous and will hold color well. They may also be dyed using any fabric dye compatible with Nylon (Polyamide).

        Material specs and MDS sheets located here.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Giovanni Petracca
        Leatherman garage 5 holster

        Great service and products. Well done

        James Miller
        Good sheath for most situations.

        The sheath has lots of outstanding reviews and the creator does make adjustments over time. Has rave reviews online, seen their sheaths on Multitool.Org even. Bought one, am mostly pleased.
        Tool parts do take a bit of time to work to loosen up, and bought a Volty Switch since it carries easily in the side of the sheath. Also have a long MUT bit near it.

        Have been waiting to see if the creator will make a full armored case like he has for the Arc series, as for me the multitool does slide upwards. Ended up having to add a Gorilla taped loop band up top to help hold the multitool in as mine has slid upwards of 1/2" to 3/4". Not found any way of attaching a lanyard to the tool as a backup yet.

        Also have a 711L Flat End Flex Head EDC Ratchet Wrench that am hoping the creator (here) can fabricate a belt holder of that to carry as an accessory.

        Leather sheaths are too bulky, with straps catch on things. This new form of sheath is more compact, carries a lot more, and has more options for the Arc series than the Garage #5. However I prefer the tool implements and colors on the 40th Anniversary Multitool than I do of the Leatherman Arc.