About Shapeways and ZapWizard

Many items on ZapWizard.com are fulfilled by Shapeways

ZapWizard is an individual who likes to design products

Shapeways.com is a manufacturer of 3D printed items. They produce designs made by anyone using professional 3D printing that goes way beyond what can be done at on a home printer. Parts are either produced in New York, or the Netherlands depending on shipping location.

Some items have lower prices on Shapeways.com than on ZapWizard.com due to the taxes and fees that are included.

Shapeways Shipping

Many items on this store are manufactured and drop shipped from Shapeways.com. This allows for the lowest shipping costs and time as the items don't need to be shipped twice.

Please refer to the Shipping Times & Costs page on Shapeways.com

Order production typically take from 1 to 2 weeks. Sometimes 3 weeks for metal parts. You will receive a email from Shapeways at the time of the order, an estimated ship date from myself, as well as a tracking number when it ships.

Shapeways Returns and exchanges

Shapeways items cannot be returned. Shapeways guarantees your product's quality for up to 10 business days after it has been delivered.

Post-processing, or attempts to alter any model will void the 10-day warranty. Please contact me with photos of the model as it arrived, without alterations.