Comb for the Leatherman FREE Series
Comb for the Leatherman FREE Series
Comb for the Leatherman FREE Series
Comb for the Leatherman FREE Series
Comb for the Leatherman FREE Series

Comb for the Leatherman FREE Series

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I want to replace the

This modification adds a plastic hair comb to your Leatherman FREE P4, P2, Mr. Crunch, or T2 or T4

  • An every day carry comb you can keep on your multitool.
  • Built-in thumb-tab for easy deployment.
  • Strong and highly flexible Nylon 11 material.
  • 0.1" thick. The same thickness as the Main Blade, Serrated Blade or Scissors.
  • Hole for an optional retaining magnet. (P series only)
  • White material can be dyed using alcohol based inks.
Thinner ARC Version:

Thinner ARC version coming soon!

  • Your current selection: Replaces the Serrated blade or Scissors
  • Your current selection: Replaces the Main Blade or Saw
  • Saw replacement:
    The saw on the FREE P4 is thinner than the comb , but the comb can be installed if you remove some of the thin washers that are between the thin implements on your P4.

  • T2 & T4 version coming soon...(In prototyping)
  • Your current selection: Short Version, Replaces the Main Blade on the T2 or T4
  • This part doesn't have room for the magnet, but is retained by the cam on the tool.

Optional Retaining Magnet:

Because the material is non-magnetic: A hole has been designed in to add an optional retaining magnet. 

Due to the way Shapeways works: The magnet needs to be purchased separately.

The recommended magnet is 1/8" Diameter x 1/10" Thick neodymium magnet. The following magnet is compatible:

A small bit of super-glue may be used to hold the magnet.


    The tool must be taken apart to install this modification. Any warranty concerns are entirely up to the user.

    • You will need two Torx T9 bits to remove the screws holding the tool together.
    • The screws need to be loosened by holding one side with a bit, and turning the other side.
    • The screws are secured using thread-locking compound, and heat may be required to loosen the compound.
    • Care should be taken to open the tool on a clean surface.
    • Keep the thick washer between the scales and the comb.
    • The tightness of the tool will depend on the amount of torque you apply during reassembly.

    FREE P4 stack-up:

    FREE P2 stack-up:

    FREE P2 Stack-up

    What am I getting / not getting?:

    This list will update depending on the options selected



    ● One 3D Printed comb, meant to replace the Serrated blade or Scissors


    ● One 3D Printed comb, meant to replace the Main blade or Saw*


    Not included:

    ● Leatherman Tool

    ● Magnet

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    Parts are made in Michigan, New York or the Netherlands depending on final shipping location.


    About the material:
    Made from flexible yet strong Nylon 11 plastic. The part is created using 3D printed laser sintered plastic. The result is a solid plastic component.

    Custom Colors:
    If you want a color not available above: You can dye the parts using any alcohol based permanent marker. The surface is slightly porous and will hold color well. They may also be dyed using any fabric dye compatible with Nylon (Polyamide).

    Material specs and MDS sheets located here.