Haysian Ore Medallion, Rose Tico, Star Wars 3d printed Chain not included, See description
Haysian Ore Medallion, Rose Tico, Star Wars - ZapWizard Design
Haysian Ore Medallion, Rose Tico, Star Wars - ZapWizard Design

Haysian Ore Medallion, Rose Tico

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​Haysian ore medallions also known as Otomok medallions were medallions worn by Paige and Rose Tico. -Wookieepedia


This is a prop replica. The model was carefully digitally sculpted to give it a hand-made look, and make it more accurate to the version seen in the film.

Available in an highly conductive earth transition metal alloy: Brass.

The Medallion is 57mm (2.25in) in diameter, and double sided. The right side features the pattern seen when Rose is holding the Medallion in the movie. The left side features the pattern seen when Rose's sister, Paige, is holding the Medallion.
Necklace Chain
Shapeways produces the part and ships it directly to you. Therefore a chain cannot be included.
I recommend purchasing a "3mm Stainless Steel Twisted Rope" type necklace from Amazon or a jeweler. This is the closest look to the film while still being comfortable to wear.

You may need to remove the loop on the clasp to fit the medallion onto the chain. Any jeweler can do this for you, or you can do it yourself with needle-nose pliers.
The material
The part is 3D printed in wax then cast in real brass metal. It is then lightly polished in a magnetic polisher, resulting in the weathered finish shown in the photos. Since it is all brass, if you want you can further polish it or weather it yourself.

The etched lines in the part will arrive without the black filler, as shown in the photos. This can be added using ink or paint, and then wiping away paint left on the surface. This makes it more accurate to the movie look.
How it was designed

See how I made the design over at the Replica Prop Forum

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