Print your own: Smuggler&
Print your own: Smuggler&

Print your own: Smuggler's Lucky Sabacc Dice, Han Solo

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This is a digital download product

If you want to print your own Sabacc Dice, I offer this digital download in the STL format. 

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A single hanging pendant, necklace style. Necklace chain not included.

The eyelet is built-in to the dice for maximum strength, and cannot be removed. Ready to add a chain.


A single die without the hanging loop. Meant for playing table top games. One die per order.


These are a prop replica of the dice seen in "Star Wars the Last Jedi", and "Solo, a Star Wars Story". Highly accurate to what is seen in the movies.

16mm cubes, the size of standard dice.

How to read the dice:

The dice symbols are easy to interpret. The "i" is 1, the "split circle" is 2, and the rest of the symbols are 3, 4, 5 or 6 sided symbols.

You may:

  • 3D print your own copies for personal use.
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  • No attribution/credit required but is greatly appreciated.

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